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Ice Meme Launchpad

Explore the boundless world of Meme Coins with the Ice Meme Launchpad

Welcome to the Ice Meme Launchpad, where meme coins transform into a world of possibilities. From collaborations with artists, brands, and other meme coins, our launchpad is a space where innovation knows no bounds. Together, we're pioneering a new era that celebrates creativity and groundbreaking collaborations.

Snowman: The Core of the Ice Meme Launchpad

When Snowman Meme Coin embarked on its journey, our vision was crystal clear—we aimed to create a meme coin that would eventually serve as the foundation of the Ice Meme Launchpad. Little did we know the remarkable phenomenon that Snowman would become.

Today, Snowman proudly resides at the very core of the Ice Meme Launchpad ecosystem, a testament to our original intent. Snowman was always meant to be our guiding star, leading us on a path to redefine the meme coin landscape and celebrate the boundless potential of this dynamic crypto frontier.

Join us as we continue to make history, one meme coin at a time, just as we’ve envisioned from the beginning.

Meme Coins Launch Structure

Each meme coin launch within our ecosystem adheres to a structured framework carefully designed to promote sustainability and ecosystem growth. These launches consist of two liquidity pools—one comprised with SNOW (Snowman), and the other with Ethereum (ETH), both paired with the new meme coin. This equal distribution of 50% ETH – NEW_MEME and 50% SNOW – NEW_MEME ensures a balanced foundation, catering to both experienced traders and newcomers.

Additionally, a distinctive feature of our launch strategy is locking both liquidity pools for 101 years. This strategic decision contributes to the long-term well-being of our ecosystem. With each subsequent launch and the evolution of the market, the circulating supply of SNOW undergoes gradual reduction. This approach plays a crucial role in bolstering the overall health of the meme coin ecosystem, ensuring a prosperous future for all participants.

Connect with a thriving community of over 3.5 million enthusiasts, all ready to actively participate in meme coin launch campaigns.

How it works

Ethereum Exclusive

Launches within the Ice Meme Launchpad ecosystem are conducted exclusively on Uniswap on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring a secure and dependable environment for meme coin enthusiasts.


Prior to each launch, we’re committed to transparency. We’ll announce the date and time, but not the coin’s name, to maintain clarity and safeguard our community against potential scams.

Ice Benefits

With 10-15% of each meme coin’s supply allocated to the Ice ecosystem, this will support the ICE coin sustainability and ecosystem development. Half of these coins are utilized for a buyback program, actively acquiring ICE coins from the market.

Endless Meme Coin Varieties

  • Artists Collaborations
  • Seasonal Trends
  • Charity Initiatives
  • Innovative Concepts

Discover meme coin innovations at the Ice Meme Launchpad, where we’re pioneering collaborations with artists, brands and even other meme coins to merge creativity on blockchain.

Join us in reshaping meme coin possibilities through artistic collabs.

Our Meme Coin Launches


In the realm of cryptocurrencies, SnowSniffer Meme Coin shines as a playful beacon of innovation. Bursting with the energy of humor and embraced by a vibrant community that knows how to have fun, it quickly established itself as a symbol of crypto whimsy.

SnowSniffer adds a delightful dose of cheer to the Ice Meme Launchpad, reminding us that boundless energy and shared fun are the cornerstones of success in the crypto universe.


In the world of cryptocurrencies, Snowman Meme Coin emerged as a beacon of innovation. With a fair launch and a passionate community, it swiftly became a symbol of decentralized creativity.

Snowman’s value soared, and its community flourished, making it a top meme coin. Today, it stands at the heart of the Ice Meme Launchpad, inspiring us to turn stories into meme coins. Snowman’s legacy proves that creativity and community are the keys to success in the crypto world.