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The Decentralization Revolution

Introducing the
SnowSniffer Meme Coin

Discover SnowSniffer Meme Coin: Where Fun Meets Crypto

Join us, the SnowSniffers, on an exciting journey filled with energy, creativity, and a touch of playfulness. Our SnowSniffer meme coin isn't just a token; it's a symbol of fun and unity in the world of crypto. Embrace the enjoyment and become a part of this cheerful movement, where we explore a world where laughter and creativity are at the forefront.

Total Supply

All tokens are unlocked and distributed as such: 10% for Ice team; 15% for future liquidity, exchange listings, marketing campaigns and market makers service; and 75% for the fair launch on the Uniswap exchange.
There are two liquidity pools, both locked for 101 years, one with 4 Ethereum and one with 2,352,067,998,016 SNOW. The total supply is 888,888,888,888,888 SnowSniffer (SNIFF), with the smart contract ownership being renounced.

The Path to a Decentralized Tomorrow

  • Community-Driven
  • Fair Launch
  • Innovation
  • Transparency

Unveiling the Essence of SnowSniffer Meme Coin
SnowSniffer Meme Coin captures the essence of a community-driven cryptocurrency, offering a launch that’s as fun as it gets. Our dedication to thinking outside the box is crystal clear as we aim to bring a burst of fresh air to the world of digital currencies. Get ready to hop on this entertaining journey, and together, let’s shape a whimsical future.