The Ice KYC and BNB Smart Chain Distribution

In response to the overwhelming feedback from our dedicated community, the Ice team has strategically decided to transition from Ethereum to the BNB Smart Chain to distribute the Ice coins. This shift aligns with the preferences expressed by our community members, who have been vocal in their support for this change.

We believe this move will enhance the overall experience and accessibility of Ice distribution, further strengthening our community’s engagement and participation.

For users of OKX Wallet, Metamask, or Trust Wallet, your existing address is also compatible with BNB Smart Chain. You can update your BNB Smart Chain address via the Ice mobile app if you wish to change it.

 KYC Step One – A Milestone Achieved

Following our app update on November 24, KYC Step #1, encompassing face recognition and liveness detection is now live. This critical step ensures the authenticity and uniqueness of each account, fortifying our network against duplicates and bots. We are proud to confirm that over 2 million users have successfully completed this step as of January 4th, 2024.

Enhanced Transparency in User Statistics

Reflecting our dedication to transparency, the stats screen now displays the count of users who have completed KYC Step One rather than just registered users. 

Coin Stats

You can easily track the total number of Ice coins on the stats screen, including pre-staked and blockchain coins.

Monthly KYC Verification

To maintain the integrity of our platform, KYC Step #1 will require monthly verification, ensuring consistent account ownership.

Preparing for BNB Smart Chain Distribution

Our updated Ice app for Android and the web version for iOS now allow users to submit their BNB Smart Chain addresses. This is crucial in preparing for the BNB Smart Chain distribution scheduled for January – October 7, 2024. Accuracy in providing your BNB Smart Chain address is essential for receiving your Ice coins.

 Introducing Social Verification

Today marks the beginning of Social Verification for users who have cleared KYC Step #1. This involves a simple process of reposting a message and verifying your Twitter account within the Ice ecosystem.

Opting for Engagement or Patience

Users can choose to engage in Social Verification or opt to skip it up to four times. Engaged users will gain immediate access to the BNB Smart Chain distribution, while those opting out can access the KYC Step #2 Quiz after a 28-day period.

BNB Smart Chain Distribution Plan

The BNB Smart Chain distribution will occur monthly, with Ice coin balances being evenly split over the remaining months leading up to our mainnet launch. For instance, if you hold 9,000 Ice coins, and distribution begins in January, you will receive an initial distribution of 900 Ice coins, followed by recalculated distributions in the subsequent months.

Stay Informed

An official announcement with detailed information about the upcoming BNB Smart Chain distribution will be shared soon. We encourage our community to stay engaged and informed as we continue to build a secure and thriving ecosystem.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement.

The Decentralized Future


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