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Ice Open Network Startup Program

Accelerate your venture with our Startup Program. Tap into our extensive user network and pioneering technology to expand your project, leveraging our secure and dynamic ecosystem trusted by millions.

Trusted by 9,000,000+ users around the world.

Trusted by leading global exchanges

Millions of users and innovative mining tech await your visionary idea.

Elevate your project with our startup program. Build and develop your project on the Ice Open Network (ION) ecosystem and benefit from our expertise, tap-to-mine technology, and access to one of the largest crypto community.

Trusted by more than 9 million users

This extensive network reflects our growing reach and the trust users place in our capabilities. Together, we’re building a supportive ecosystem for decentralized applications and digital interactions.


Connect with a global network of blockchain enthusiasts

We embrace the infinite possibilities of any project

In our vibrant ecosystem, we celebrate diversity and innovation. Our doors are wide open to pioneering ideas beyond the list, empowering creators and visionaries to explore uncharted territory within our supportive community.

Instantly connecting to millions of users

Imagine the potential impact of tapping into a ready-made user network, where your project can flourish and engage with millions of users who are passionate about blockchain technology and innovation.

By becoming a part of Ice Open Network (ION), you’re not just launching a project; you’re setting the stage for rapid growth, making your mark in the crypto world from day one.

From startup to success

In just two years, Ice Open Network (ION) has established a high-performance, open-source infrastructure. Our app runs smoothly and scales effortlessly for hundreds of millions of users.

Join Ice Open Network, and you’ll gain direct, free access to this highly scalable infrastructure and our ready-to-market tap-to-mine technology, enabling you to concentrate solely on perfecting your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for joining the Startup Program?

To become a part of the Ice Open Network ecosystem, you need to have an existing or new project that is willing to be developed within our ecosystem.

What is the mechanism for integrating our project into the ION ecosystem?

To get started, you’ll create a token for your project on the Ice Open Network (ION) and adapt a tap-to-mine economy. This includes integrating your project into our app, where you’ll gain access to a wide user base. We provide guidance and support throughout this process.

Are there any costs associated with joining Ice?

Ice covers infrastructure and integration costs, allowing you to focus solely on developing your product or idea. We’re committed to supporting your project’s growth.

What advantages does Ice offer to projects that join the ecosystem?

Ice provides immediate access to millions of users from day one. Additionally, you’ll benefit from our high-performance infrastructure, ensuring a smooth user experience and the capacity to scale effectively.

How do I tap into Ice's user base of millions from the start?

Upon integration, your project will seamlessly connect with our user network, providing you with instant access to a diverse audience. This allows you to hit the ground running and gain recognition rapidly.

Can I count on ongoing support and scalability with Ice Open Network?

Ice Open Network is committed to supporting your project’s growth journey. We continue to invest in high-performance infrastructure and our growing user base, ensuring you have the resources you need to succeed and scale your project.