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🗓️ July 26, 2023


⭐️ Introducing new languages
Now the app is available also in Romanian, Greek, Bulgarian, Czech, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Telugu, Ukrainian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Kannada, Turkish, Punjabi, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Afrikaans and Amharic.

👥 See team insights
You can now see how many Tier 1 and Tier 2 referrals each user has by going on their profile and tapping on the info icon next to the total referrals count in header.

 New auto-referral feature
Now it’s easier to invite your friends to be part of your community. Every time you will share your invitation link with them, the app will automatically set the invitation code, so you can make sure they will be part of your team.

🐞  We also fixed several bugs that we discovered recently.

🗓️ July 16, 2023


🐞  We fixed several bugs that we discovered recently.

🗓️ July 5, 2023

⭐️ Introducing multi-language support
Now the app is available in Simplified Chinese, German, Hindi, Azerbaijani, Gujarati, Indonesian, Italian, Marathi, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese and Bengali. More languages are coming soon!

📱 A new light web version app
We have now release a web version of the app for mobile, available at This can be used by the iOS users until the app is approved in App Store.

🔑 Registration is now available in China and other countries
All Android users can now register on ice, including users from China and other countries where Google services are not available.

🐞  We also fixed several bugs that we discovered recently.