Introducing the mandatory quiz

Since the inception of the Ice project, we’ve been committed to fostering a community of dedicated, long-term supporters who share our vision for the future of decentralized technologies. As we progress on this journey, it has become increasingly clear that certain measures are necessary to ensure the integrity and longevity of our project. One such measure is the introduction of the mandatory Ice Quiz for all users.

Analyzing User Behavior

After careful analysis of the behavior after the initial distribution, we’ve recognized the need for a more stringent approach to onboarding and participation. While our initial distribution model had its merits, we observed a significant number of users solely interested in short-term gains, rather than aligning with our project’s core values and long-term objectives.

The Rationale Behind the Quiz

The decision to make the Ice Quiz mandatory for all users stems from several key considerations:

1. Fostering Commitment: We aim to cultivate a community of committed individuals who understand and believe in the vision of the Ice project. By requiring all users to complete the quiz, we ensure that our community is comprised of members who are genuinely invested in our long-term success during Phase 1 and, more importantly, during Mainnet.

2. Demonstrating Trust: The ice team has invested $5 million of its own funds into the project’s growth and development, with an extra $5 million needed for the upcoming mainnet launch. This significant investment highlights our strong commitment to Ice’s success. Additionally, the growth pool address (0x576fE98558147a2a54fc5f4a374d46d6d9DD0b81), holding 357,952,996.45 ICE tokens, demonstrates our belief in Ice’s long-term potential and our dedication to our community’s well-being, as we have not sold any of the tokens.

3. Sustainability and Quality: Our decision to implement the quiz is rooted in a desire to maintain the quality and sustainability of the Ice ecosystem. By reducing the total supply and focusing on engaged, informed users, we aim to create a stronger foundation for future growth, development, and mass adoption for the mainnet.

The Quiz Mechanism

Users have three chances to pass the quiz within a two-week period. If you fail to do so, or if you take no action within the two weeks, your account will enter into permanent slashing, making the account irrecoverable.

Those who pass the quiz but still wish to receive their distribution will have a 30% fee deducted from their distributed balance. These fees will be allocated to a dedicated pool for rewards in the Ice mainnet, used to reward validators, nodes, creators and so on. The rewards pool address is: 0xcF03ffFA7D25f803Ff2c4c5CEdCDCb1584C5b32C

For users who wish not to have the fees deducted, they can opt-out from receiving the current Phase 1 distribution by removing their BSC address from the app and waiting for the mainnet distribution.

Expected Impact and Next Steps 

    • After implementing the quiz, we anticipate a significant reduction in the total supply of Ice tokens to about 10-15% of the current supply.
    • Moving forward, only users who have passed the quiz will receive the verified badge, signifying their commitment to the Ice project.
    • The available balance for distribution will now only consist of bonuses from referrals who completed the quiz. Please be aware that this change may result in a reduction of your available balance.
    • Distribution will resume in the coming days, exclusively for users who have successfully completed the quiz and are eligible.
    • To enhance project sustainability, we plan to implement monthly halvings starting in March.

Upholding Integrity: Warning Against Quiz Sharing

⚠️ We want to reiterate the importance of maintaining the integrity of the Ice Quiz. Any users found sharing quiz questions or screenshots online will face immediate banning from the platform, regardless of their quiz performance. ⚠️

Conclusion: Building a Stronger Community

Instituting the mandatory Ice Quiz represents a pivotal step towards building a community of committed, long-term supporters. We believe that by aligning our community with our project’s core values and vision, we can achieve greater success and drive meaningful innovation in the decentralized space.

The Decentralized Future


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