In the cryptocurrency industry, the term “halving” refers to a process that reduces the issuance rate of new coins. More precisely, halving is the reduction of the mining rate. The network halving process was initially based on the reduction of the mining rate on the average number of daily active miners over the past 7 days, affecting the first two halvings from 16 to 4 Ice per hour.
Daily active miners in the past 7 days Mining Rate
0 – 50,000 16 Ice per hour
50,001- 250,000 8 Ice per hour
250,001 – 1,000,000 4 Ice per hour
We’ve adopted a new approach for the subsequent halving events, which will occur on predetermined dates. This shift marks a transition to a more structured halving schedule, enhancing predictability in our coin distribution.
Predetermined dates Mining Rate
01 December 2023 2 Ice per hour
01 February 2024 1 Ice per hour

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