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Join the fast-growing number of Ice Open Network users who are building their own micro-communities and earning more rewards. Our promotional tools, guides, and tips make it easy to spread the word and build a successful community.

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Why Ice Open Network?

Get started on Ice Open Network and build your thriving micro-community

Learn how to build and manage your dream team within the Ice Open Network, maximizing your earnings and community impact. Our guides and tools provide essential insights on growing your micro-community, from promoting your project to leveraging our vast resources.


Download our app, claim your nickname, and start mining.

You’ll be joining a global community of users who are passionate about decentralization, autonomy, and the power of the people.


Invite your audience to join the Ice Open Network and work together to unlock additional rewards.

Plus, you’ll be helping to spread the word about the benefits of decentralization and the future of finance.


Grow your rewards by expanding your network and encouraging others to join the Ice Open Network’s community.

Join us in our mission to revolutionize the future of finance through decentralization and autonomy.

Creative Library

Share your story

Share your journey with Ice Open Network and its many benefits by writing an article in your language.

Share them on your Blog, Medium, Reddit, Quora, Blogger and more.

You can find everything about Ice and its unique features on our Knowledge Base, Homepage, and FAQ page.

Bring your friends onboard

Use our easy-to-use invite feature and share your personal invitation code with your friends on your favorite social media platforms.

Plug & Play for Website Owners

Embed Ice Open Network directly onto your website with our simple and flexible JS banner. It’s a quick and easy setup that can be customized to match your website’s branding. It’s translated into 50 languages and is compatible with any website platform.

Copy and paste the code into your website, and start promoting Ice network to your visitors today.


Library for Mobile Apps

Integrate our easy-to-use library into your mobile app and invite your users to join your micro-community and start mining.

With translation support and flexible setup options, you can ensure that all of your users have access to the same great Ice experience, no matter where they are in the world.


How to talk about
Ice Open Network (ION)

Individuals who promote the Ice network can influence how potential users perceive our brand. Your posts can help build trust in our platform and attract new users. Remember, being honest and transparent is the key to establishing a genuine connection with your audience.

Good Practices

Write from your personal experience and perspective. Share your honest thoughts and feelings about Ice network.
Write as if you are talking to a friend, and avoid using overly technical jargon or language that may be difficult for readers to understand.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of content, such as blog posts, videos, or social media updates. Have fun and be innovative in the way you promote Ice network to your audience.
ION Good Practices
ION Bad Practices

Bad Practices

Avoid sending unsolicited messages or repeatedly posting the same content on different platforms. This can be seen as intrusive and annoying.
The Ice project doesn’t pay users any cash, we only reward them with Ice coins. Please avoid posting content such as “Turn your Ice into cash”, “How to earn $100 with Ice” and so on.

We value transparency and honesty in our community. Any fraudulent activities such as creating multiple accounts or trying to manipulate the Ice network will not be tolerated.