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Knowledge Base

Explore the knowledge base for Ice: the digital currency that can be mined for free with your phone

Dive into the knowledge base for Ice and learn everything you need to know about our ecosystem. From blockchain technology to mining and earning, our comprehensive guide has you covered.

Getting Started

Introduction to the basics of the project for all users


Learn how mining works and how to use the app to earn Ice


Details on how pre-staking works and what are its benefits


Answering common questions about the project


Get the latest information on Ice by staying up to date with our news

Make the most of our app and unlock additional rewards by using these features

Find more about how active participation, social activity, and other features can help you earn more and protect your rewards.

Discover Ice

Basic Principles

The core concepts of the Ice project.


Get extra rewards for active participation.


Find out how you can get a second chance to reclaim your slashed coins.


Build your micro-community and learn how to increase your earnings.

Day Off

Learn what Days Off are and how to accumulate them.

Coin Economics

Expand your understanding of Ice coin usage, distribution, and lock-up period.


Read more about what slashing is and how to avoid losing coins.


When does halving occur and what does it mean.

Decentralized Community Governance

Decision-making power is vested in the hands of our community.

Invite your friends and create your micro-community