Day Off

Each user who check-in by tapping the Ice logo button consecutively for a number of days will benefit from one or more Day(s) Off. During the day off, even if the user cannot tap the check-in (mining) button in the app, he will be considered online automatically, and a full mining day will be taken into account. If you mine consecutively for six days, you will accumulate one day off. And if you are mining consecutively for 30 days, you get five days off. Day off credits will accumulate, and you will be able to use them whenever you want during Phase 1.

The day off is activated automatically after the first hour of inactivity.

If you have more days off accumulated, they will be activated every day within the first hour of inactivity until all Days Off accumulated by you are consumed.

Be careful!

After you use all the days off on your account, the period of inactivity and slashing will begin!
What is slashing?

If more than seven days have passed since your last mining session, you can resurrect and restore all your slashed coins.
What is resurrection?

Pay attention to the status of the Ice logo button even when you are on a day off!

You are earning Ice right now, even if you are on your day off

Restart the available day off mining session (after the first 12 hours of the current mining session)

Your day off session will expire soon!

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