The bonus system is designed to reward your activity and trust in the network.

Mining Bonuses

Every time you check-in by tapping on the Ice logo button together with a Tier 1 friend, you both get a mining bonus of 25%, and when you are mining simultaneously with a Tier 2 member, you both get a 5% mining bonus.


If you are mining simultaneously with 3 Tier 1 friends and 5 Tier 2 members, then you’ll get a 3 x 25% = 75% mining bonus for Tier 1 and a 5 x 5% = 25% mining bonus for Tier 2 with a total mining bonus of 100% (75% + 25%).

If the mining rate is 16 Ice/h and your mining bonus is 100%, you will be mining with 32 Ice/h.

In addition to the mining bonuses, we have prepared many other surprise bonuses for you.

Additional Bonuses

The more sustained your activity on the network is, the more rewards you will receive.

 Activities Example:

    • Activity in the App.
    • Uninterrupted sequences of mining.
    • Check news and announcements in the app.

Almost every day, extra bonuses are offered. When bonuses are available, all users will receive a push or email notification between the hours of 10:00 and 20:00, letting them know that they can claim the bonus. Users have one hour from the time they receive the notification to claim the bonus. If they log in within 15 minutes of receiving the notification, they will receive the full bonus.

After every 15 minutes, the bonus is reduced by 25%, so that in the last quarter of an hour, only 25% of the bonus will be awarded.

Users who do not claim the bonus within one hour of receiving the notification will not be able to claim the bonus for that day.

The extra bonus has a 24-hour validity period. If a new bonus is granted and claimed before the current one expires, the previous bonus will be reset and the new one will start its 24-hour validity period.

There may also be days when the bonuses are not awarded or days when the value of the bonuses is supplemented.

Pre-Stake Bonuses

If you choose to Pre-Stake for 1 to 5 years after the Mainnet launch, then your decision will be rewarded immediately.

From the day you made the decision until the end of Phase 1 and entering the Mainnet, you will benefit from a pre-stake bonus.

This bonus is given to your mining rate.

Read more about pre-staking

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