Ice Open Network and PiChain Global: Pioneering New Paths in Web3 E-commerce

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with PiChain Global, a leader in decentralized applications. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the expansion of Web3 technologies into the e-commerce sector, leveraging PiChain Global’s extensive community of over 2 million users across 90+ countries.

PiChain Global has developed a robust ecosystem of DApps, including the PiChain Mall, PCM Wallet, and PiNFT ART, which have become foundational components of their offerings. As part of this partnership, PCM Wallet will integrate the $ICE token upon #ION mainnet, enhancing its utility by enabling seamless transactions for receiving, transferring, and withdrawing $ICE directly from user wallets.

Further advancing this integration, we will contribute to the development of open-source e-commerce protocols. These protocols aim to foster the adoption of $ICE in real-world applications, particularly through e-commerce payments. This initiative not only enhances the functionality of the Ice Open Network but also extends its reach into practical, everyday uses, reinforcing the tangible benefits of blockchain technologies.

PiChain Global is set to integrate $ICE as a payment method in the PiChain Mall upon its mainnet launch. This integration will provide PiChain’s extensive user base with a decentralized shopping experience, promoting greater adoption of e-commerce protocols and showcasing the potential of Web3 commerce.

This partnership highlights our commitment to broadening the applicability and utility of its blockchain solutions in new areas like e-commerce. By aligning with PiChain Global’s significant community and technological prowess, Ice Open Network is set to enhance its visibility and impact in the global blockchain landscape, pushing forward the boundaries of what is possible in Web3 e-commerce.

This strategic alliance not only underscores the capabilities of Ice Open Network and PiChain Global but also sets a precedent for future collaborations in the blockchain space, aiming to bring more decentralized solutions to the mainstream market.

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