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The Decentralized Future

Embrace a decentralized future with Ice Open Network for global connectivity

Ice Open Network (ION) stands as a beacon of decentralized internet platforms, prioritizing cross-chain compatibility and scalability. With the capacity to handle millions of transactions per second, ION Blockchain aims to accommodate billions of users, ushering in a new era of digital connectivity.

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We are building the foundation for a decentralized future

Speeding towards decentralization

Building upon the TON legacy, Ice Open Network (ION) emerges as the fastest blockchain, capable of handling millions of transactions per second.

ION Blockchain is envisioned as a distributed supercomputer, empowering various products and services to propel the decentralized vision for the new internet era.

The fair distribution of ICE coins

The Ice journey began with mining through our Tap to Mine app, spanning from July 7, 2023, to February 28, 2024. Over 1.3 million eligible users were recipients of ICE coins in a comprehensive distribution effort.

As minting of new coins is not possible anymore, the supply of ICE is now fixed. Looking forward, the migration from BNB Smart Chain to the ION blockchain is scheduled for October 7, 2024, coinciding with the mainnet launch.

Coin Metrics

Circulating Supply

6,558,033,769 ICE

Total Supply

21,150,537,435 ICE



Market Cap




24h Trading Volume


Community Pool

Mainnet Rewards Pool

Team Pool

DAO Pool

Treasury Pool

Ecosystem Growth and Innovation Pool

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