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Empowering Decentralization

The Future of Digital Connectivity

Discover Ice Open Network, where blockchain innovation meets real-world utility. Join us in building a decentralized, scalable, and secure digital landscape that empowers billions globally.

Trusted by 9,000,000+ users around the world.

Trusted by leading global exchanges

Enabling a new era of decentralized application development

We are not just developing a fast and scalable blockchain; we are building a dynamic ecosystem for seamless decentralized application (dApp) development. Our platform is designed to be censorship-resistant, empowering individuals worldwide to create applications that prioritize user privacy and autonomy.

Accelerating blockchain adoption

With over 1 million active users in our first week, our Tap-To-Mine application has since grown to connect us with 9 million users, demonstrating rapid adoption and sustained interest.


Onboarding the next billion users to Web3

The gateway to decentralization

Discover our mainnet app, packed with essential features including the wallet, social platform, and chat functionalities, designed for seamless user engagement. It serves as the foundation for our framework, empowering anyone to effortlessly create and innovate with their own dApp on the ION ecosystem.

Our framework

One app for everything.

Our Wallet streamlines your digital currency management across 17+ blockchains with ease and unmatched security. Leveraging advanced security technologies, it provides strong protection and high fault tolerance without the complexity.

The intuitive design includes several user-friendly authentication methods such as biometrics and hardware keys, making digital transactions simple and safe.

ION Wallet

Explore our decentralized social platform, where freedom of expression meets digital innovation. Run by the community and fully compatible with the Nostr Protocol, our platform supports a variety of content from posts to articles, stories and videos, all in a censorship-free environment.

Both creators and node operators are rewarded for their contributions, with direct tipping options enhancing interaction.

ION Social

Stay connected securely with our chat feature, which prioritizes your privacy with end-to-end encryption. Whether it’s one-on-one conversations, group chats, private or public channels, our platform ensures your communications are protected.

Designed with privacy in mind, our chat service keeps your conversations confidential and secure, offering peace of mind.

ION Chat
Why Ice Open Network?

Building the foundation for the decentralized future

Our Layer 1 blockchain is engineered for high performance, facilitating fast, scalable, and unrestricted digital interactions, ensuring user freedoms and robust network integrity.

Censorship Resistance

ION provides unrestricted access to information, allowing users worldwide to overcome regional blocks and connect with global content.

Exceptional Processing Speed

Designed for speed, ION swiftly processes transactions, significantly reducing latency and enhancing overall network efficiency.

Scalable Infrastructure

ION’s infrastructure is built to scale, efficiently handling increased transaction volumes and user growth, ensuring performance as network demands evolve.

Expanding across multiple chains

Ice Open Network seamlessly integrates across multiple blockchain networks, enabling cross-chain compatibility and accessibility. Explore the chains where ICE is available, broadening your ability to transact, build, and innovate within a diverse ecosystem.

Explore our foundational whitepaper

Dive into our comprehensive whitepaper to understand the full scope of the Ice Open Network (ION) ecosystem. This document provides detailed insights into our network’s design, security features, and vision.

What they say about us.

Foundational Features

Meet our core components

Our blockchain is built on foundational pillars designed to secure, connect, and empower our users. Each component plays a critical role in enhancing the functionality and accessibility of our network, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless experience.


Secure, decentralized digital identity management for user-controlled data access.

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ION Connect

Decentralized social media platform enhancing user-driven content control.

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ION Liberty

Robust decentralized proxy and CDN promoting digital freedom and privacy.

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ION Vault

Private, secure decentralized storage with quantum-resistant encryption.

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Coin Metrics

Explore comprehensive, real-time statistics on $ICE, including circulating and total supply, current market price, daily trading volume, market capitalization, and fully diluted value.


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The foundation of our economic model

Our economic model is designed to ensure sustainability and growth within our decentralized ecosystem.

By balancing rewards, incentives, and development funds, we aim to foster a robust ecosystem that promotes long-term stability.

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