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Thank you for reaching out to Ice for support. We understand that you may be eagerly awaiting a response to your email. Due to the high volume of inquiries, our response times may be longer than desired.

In the meantime, we invite you to explore our comprehensive list of frequent questions. We’ve designed this resource to provide you with quick solutions to the most common questions and issues raised by our valued customers.

Why my balance has been reduced?

As presented on our latest news, in our efforts to ensure the sustainability of the mainnet, we have reset the prestake to zero for all users. The prestaking option has been disabled.

This means that your total balance is not including prestaking bonuses anymore.

The distribution will be based solely on the amount of Ice coins mined.

Why my mining rate is 0 ice/h?

As presented on our latest news, we have decided to stop the mining activities on Ice. However, even though earning is stopped, users must continue tapping the Ice button in the app every 24 hours to avoid slashing before February 28.

My balance is decreasing even when I am mining

All coins earned from inactive referrals will be removed from the total balance as their earnings are slashed because of inactivity or because they failed the quiz.

The hourly rate in your balance history includes the slashing rate from your inactive referrals and that’s why it might be negative or lower than the earning rate on the homepage.

Why did I not receive my Ice coins in the distribution?
We’ve set up some simple rules to make sure everyone gets their ICE coins fairly. If you want to get your hands on some Ice coins, here’s what you need to do:
  • Keep at least 1,000 Ice in your account – that’s the minimum balance.
  • Complete KYC Step #1 and KYC Step #2 – gotta make sure it’s really you.
  • Have a BNB Smart Chain (BSC) address linked to your account.
  • Keep your mining session going – you need to be actively mining to be in the game.

If you have successfully completed all the tasks mentioned earlier and cannot find Ice coins in your wallet, you can confirm the amount by visiting this link: and searching for your wallet address.

Why did I receive less Ice coins in the distribution?

During the Ice distribution phase, you’ll get an equal share of your available balance every month until the mainnet launch. The available balance used for the calculation includes only the coins that aren’t pre-staked and the bonuses from the referrals who have completed their KYC verification and have an active mining session.

It’s important to clarify that the balance displayed in the app includes various elements, such as staked coins, bonuses from users who didn’t pass KYC, and bonuses from inactive users. This comprehensive balance view is designed to provide you with a complete overview of your holdings. However, when it comes to distribution calculations, only the coins that aren’t pre-staked and the bonuses from referrals who completed KYC verification and have an active mining session are factored in to ensure fairness.

To offer you greater transparency and convenience, we are actively working on a dedicated section within the app. In this section, you’ll be able to see your available balance separately, providing a clear and accurate representation of your eligible coins for distribution.

Many of our users have expressed confusion about how the monthly distribution of coins is calculated within the Ice Network. To clarify this process, let’s delve into a concrete example that illustrates how the number of unlocked coins is determined, establishing the number of coins distributed each month.

Example Scenario:

Let’s assume a Snowman currently has a total balance of 18.000 Ice coins. The Snowman has set 40% of their coins for Pre-Staking over five years, resulting in a Pre-Staking bonus of 100%.

By doing the math, the balance would be 10,000 ICE coins if there were no Pre-Stake. Of these, 40% are Pre-Staked, and the rest are unlocked. For the 4,000 Ice coins allocated for Pre-Stake, he receives an additional 8,000 Ice coins as a bonus, which, when added to the 4,000 staked coins, results in a total of 12,000 locked Ice coins. You can see the number of Pre-Staked coins (Pre-Staked Balance) right in the application by pressing the Ice Logo button, and you can calculate the unlocked coins.

Therefore, out of the total balance of 18,000 Ice coins, only 6,000 are unlocked and eligible for distribution. The Snowman will participate in the distribution with only those coins mined by him and the coins received as a mining bonus with his team, provided the entire team has completed both steps of the KYC process. If any team member has not completed their KYC, the coins received from the simultaneous mining bonus with that member will be excluded from the current distribution.

For simplicity, let’s assume that the entire team has passed the KYC process, making our Snowman eligible with the entire amount of 6,000 unlocked coins. This is, of course, assuming he meets the other eligibility conditions for distribution, such as having at least 1,000 unlocked Ice coins in his balance, completing both steps of the KYC process, entering a BNB Smart Chain (BSC) address in the application, and having an active mining session.

Going back to our calculation, the 6,000 unlocked Ice coins will be divided over nine months of distribution. This means that the Snowman will receive 667 ICE tokens in the first distribution.

Next month, the distribution will be calculated in the same way. Our Snowman will continue mining and accumulating both unlocked and pre-staked coins, resulting in different values than in the first month.

Why I can't see my verified badge anymore?

The verified badge is now exclusively awarded to users who have successfully passed the quiz. This change ensures that verified status is granted only to those who have demonstrated their understanding of the project’s principles and objectives through the quiz process.

My app says Mining Disabled

If you are getting an error saying Mining Disabled, it means that your mining access has been disabled due to three consecutive quiz failures or the expiration of the allotted time, as required by our KYC process.

I can't see my Ice tokens in my wallet
If you have received Ice coins but they are not showing up in your Metamask or Trust Wallet, no worries – you just need to add it yourself. Here’s how:
  • Address: 0xc335df7c25b72eec661d5aa32a7c2b7b2a1d1874
  • Symbol: ICE
  • Decimal: 18
Just pop these details into your wallet, and you’ll be all set!
OKX Exchange is blocked in your country? Trade on Uniswap!
We understand that some of our users have been facing difficulties accessing OKX due to regional bans in certain countries. We are committed to ensuring that all our users have the opportunity to continue trading seamlessly, and we have an exciting solution to share with you.
Starting on the 19th of January at 15:00 UTC, users from countries where the OKX Exchange is blocked will be able to trade on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange platform.
Here are some key details:
  • Date and Time: January 19th, 3:00 PM UTC
  • Platform: Uniswap
  • Uniswap Trading: The Uniswap trading URL will be published on the day of the listing.
To stay informed about this transition and receive the Uniswap trading URL when it becomes available, please make sure you follow us on our official X and Telegram accounts. We will post updates and provide all the necessary information to ensure a smooth transition for our users.
I can't find the login with phone number
Please update to the latest app version from Play Store or download our official APK from here. All accounts created with phone number that completed the Face Authentication can now link an email address to access their account. You can do this by typing your phone number in the login screen and following the email linking process by confirming your identity.
My face authentication is not working

For the face recognition KYC process, it’s essential that the person matches the selfie image initially provided. Our system requires a high-quality image with adequate lighting, free from blurs or shadows. If the image quality is subpar, the system may be unable to accurately match your face with the photo.

Unfortunately, if the uploaded image fails to meet these quality standards, we are unable to resolve this issue from our end.

My KYC level 2 is not accepted

Everyone will receive the KYC Step 2 Social Verification in the next 14 days

If you are currently unable to access your X (Twitter) account for KYC Step 2 verification, please select the ‘Not now’ option. This will allow you to wait for the Quiz option to complete your KYC Step 2 process.

The Quiz will be displayed after 4 weeks, offering a straightforward way to fulfil the KYC requirements.

If you failed your KYC Social Verification more than 3 times, it will be available again to you in 7 days. Next time, you need to carefully follow the instructions presented in the app. Please make sure that:

– You are using the correct confirmation text
– You are reposting with QUOTE the pinned post on our @ice_blockchain Twitter/X profile
– You are copying the correct URL of your post

Please find a full video guide from one of our community members here:

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we strive to maintain a secure and authentic user environment.

I want to reset my pre-staking preferences

You can change your pre-staking preferences to lower values or remove all pre-staking by opening the pre-staking screen and changing the allocation and period to new values.

I need to know what BNB Smart Chain address to set for my account

OKX Wallet, Metamask, or Trust Wallet users can seamlessly use their existing addresses on the BNB Smart Chain. Update your address in the Ice app if needed.

Why is the Ice app not listed in the Apple App Store?

Our application has been designed from the start to be fully compatible with iOS. However, the listing of our app on the Apple App Store is contingent upon Apple’s approval process, which is beyond our control.
In the meantime, we have provided a web version for iOS users. While this version offers many useful features, it does not include all the functionalities available in the full application. iOS users can access the web version through the registration link on the homepage of our website at
We are hopeful that Apple will soon grant approval for our app, allowing iOS users to enjoy the same high-quality experience that is currently available to Android users.

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