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We are delighted to announce that ICE, the cryptocurrency fueling the Ice Network ecosystem, will make its debut on Poloniex! This strategic collaboration ushers in a new era of opportunities for Ice holders and traders, providing them with enhanced liquidity and accessibility in the bustling cryptocurrency market.

Poloniex Exchange, a globally recognized platform renowned for its robust trading infrastructure and comprehensive suite of trading tools, offers a seamless trading experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. With Ice joining the illustrious roster of tradable assets on Poloniex, users can expect unparalleled trading opportunities and a frictionless trading environment.

Trading for Ice on Poloniex Exchange is scheduled to commence on February 28th at 11:00 AM UTC. This eagerly anticipated milestone marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for ICE holders, offering them the opportunity to actively engage in trading activities and capitalize on the growing market demand for Ice. As the trading gates swing open, Ice enthusiasts can seize the moment and explore the myriad possibilities awaiting them on the Poloniex Exchange platform.

As we prepare for Ice’s listing on Poloniex Exchange, we invite our community to stay tuned for the upcoming nows. This momentous occasion underscores our commitment to expanding Ice’s reach and fostering greater adoption within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of trading Ice and unlocking its full potential in the vibrant cryptocurrency market landscape!